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Bianca Williams


Bianca Williams has been CrossFitting for many years! She is a top level CrossFit competitor in her age division (55-59) and is extremely motivating and inspiring. She is living proof that age is only a number as she is in the best shape of her life at 55 years old. Her background also includes running multiple Ironman Triathlons and she has coached and won multiple State Championships in Cross Country at Maranatha Academy in Shawnee. And guess what methods she used to train her athletes? Yep, CrossFit! Also, her coaching efforts are so admired that the city of Shawnee actually declared February 16th Bianca Williams Day!


Preston Williams


Background: Former firefighter, massage therapist, ultra marathoner, triathlete, high school elite level swim coach and USA swim coach. Classes coached: CrossFit, LeanFit and Explosive Endurance What role does coaching play in your life? “There is something about coaching that is extremely satisfying and necessary in my life. When I play a role in someone reaching their fitness goals, it is rewarding to me in a way nothing else is. My athletes are probably more important in my life than I am in theirs.” What is your favorite kind of workout? “I do love more than anything to workout under the sun; it is my favorite thing that exists. I like and dislike a wide variety of sports and types of workouts, and that list is in constant flux. Running and swimming have always been staples in my fitness. Open water swimming, and trail running both make happy like nothing else does. I used to love biking, then I hated biking, and now I love biking more than ever. Volleyball and spikeball are my favorite team sports to compete in. I love CrossFit because it is a great way to be healthy and “all around fit”. CrossFit, when I am smart about it makes me better at all the things I love to do. I love the relationships I have built because of CrossFit. I love to compete, and I love to push my body through physically and mentally challenging things.” What does fitness mean to you? “I have been trying to figure out what fitness means to me my entire life. The athletic parts of my day are often my favorite, and definitely most important for my psyche. Is it all about competing? Is it all about feeling good, looking good and being confident in my body? Is it all about the relationships gained and bonds created through competing with and going through challenges with other people? I guess it’s all of those things at different times. Tomorrow my answer will be different, I’m sure.”


Shea Gillpatrick


What’s up guys! My name is Shea Gillpatrick and I am happy to say that I am one of the Leanfit coaches and Personal Trainers at Solution 1! I have been in the fitness industry, training and coaching people for about 7 years now! I am certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine in personal training, group training and sports nutrition! I know that when it comes to diet and exercise, there is so much information out there that it can become overwhelming! One of the things I am the most passionate about is helping people really understand and apply correct nutrition to see amazing results! I firmly believe that what we put in our mouths is the key to look better, perform better and most importantly feel better!


Graham Parish


Graham is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with over 8 years of experience and 20,000 plus sessions serviced over his career. He also holds focused Certifications in Corrective Exercise, Behavioral Change, and Fitness Nutrition Coaching. Graham is passionate about health and wellness, not only from a results standpoint, but a personal and relationship aspect that allows each client to move forward with long term success. Graham has served in multiple roles over his career from Master Trainer to Team Development Manager where he focused on developing Personal Trainers in serving their communities at the highest level. Graham joined our team to provide that same level of service to the valued members of both his personal business and the community within Solution 1 CrossFit. His primary goal is to create amazing relationships with the S1CF family while ensuring each member and client has the best experience possible. Are you interested in meeting Graham to discuss options within the S1CF family? Feel free to call him at 913-378-3494 or email [email protected] to set up a time to discuss your individual needs while developing a full proof plan for your success. The initial consultation is always complimentary!

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