Great Lunch Recipe Using Avocado Oil Mayo!

I am sharing this recipe, mostly because I wanted to introduce you to an amazing mayo that you can add to your healthy eating plans!  If you like to add mayo to things, you NEED to switch to Avocado Oil Mayo.  I know, it’s more expensive, but it is so much healthier for you and provides a very nutritious fat source.

Ditch the commercial junk mayo filled with unhealthy soybean oil, and give AVOCADO OIL MAYO a try.

Here’s a quick recipe for a super healthy lunch or snack:

    • 1. Slice a red or orange pepper in half and remove the insides and stem.
    • 2. Finely chop the chicken and place in a bowl.
    • 3. Add a tablespoon of AVOCADO OIL MAYO, plus any seasonings ( I like to add a bit of sriracha)
    • 4. Mix the chicken and mayo well and scoop into pepper halves.
The end result is:
390 calories
10 grams of carbs
24 grams of fat
28 grams of protein.

I ate a big baby kale/spinach salad and a small peach to round out the lunch.  Give this recipe a shot and tell me what you think!!

Paleo Sriracha!

Okay, I’ve been addicted to Sriracha sauce lately… but trying to be as paleo as possible and looking at the label, I longed for a more fresh and paleo version.  Luckily the fine folks at Nom Nom Paleo have come up with an absolutely amazing, and I think better version.

My wife has now made me 2 batches and I LOVE it.  Seriously, it goes with everything ( I even dipped my KC Strip and Shrimp in it tonight).

Get the recipe here:

Be sure to bookmark this site as it has some fabulous recipes.