Step 1:

We provide a free introductory session which is designed to help you understand what we do, and why we do it, answer any questions that you may have, and provide your first exposure to a CrossFit workout. You will gain instruction in some of the basic movements, and experience examples of how we scale workouts for each individual. Following the FREE Introductory Session you will set up 3 intro sessions with one of our CrossFit trainers.


Step 2:

Schedule 3 personal one on ones with a trainer!

These are for all people new to CrossFit, regardless of one’s previous athletic background. These one-on-one sessions will provide you with the techniques and skills necessary for maintaining safety and maximizing your results when you enter the group classes. The one on ones will be scheduled with one of our trainers at a time that works best for both parties. The fee for each one-on-one session is $60 (total of $180 for all 3) and will be charged, “as you attend”. Once completed the remainder of your first month is on us! Once you determine what type of membership you would like to sign up for (Unlimited, 3x/week, 2x/week) your account will be charged on your one month anniversary. With any membership you are welcome to join any of our group classes. You can schedule your one on ones as quickly as you’d like and have the flexibility to join any of our group classes.


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